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Earthquake Affected Relief And Rehabilitation Services (EARRS) - Ahmedabad
Documentation February 13
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Principles and provisions suggested for rehabilitation and reconstruction policy in earthquake affected areas of Gujarat
February 12, 2001

Earthquake Relief: Issues Of Concern From EARSS

Relief efforts in Kutch and Saurashtra are being biased against the dalit and Muslim victims. Sangh Parivar organisations, in connivance with the State administration are systematically ensuring that these vulnerable groups do not get proper relief and compensation. Complaints have come from dalit and Muslim dominated areas of Bhuj, villages in Kutch, Maliya-Miyana town, villages in Saurashtra. We are planning to compile a detailed report on these discriminations in relief work and represent before the NHRC and State/Central authorities. Any specific grassroots experiences or cases (with details) are welcome:

  • Is there discrimination on the basis of localities in a village, town or city?
  • Is there discrimination between urban and rural areas ?
  • Is there discrimination against dalits and the areas they live in versus non Dalits?
  • Is there discrimination on communal grounds? Need to examine the position of Muslims and Christians (eg. Muslim citizens who had taken shelter in the Mundra mosque)
  • Is there discrimination against women and children ?
  • Whether the cash doles from the Government and/or relief in respect of lost household effects, have reached or not reached the concerned localities?
  • In respect of temporary shelters - have they been provided to all ? If not, to whom have they been provided?
  • Whether there is any aspect of discrimination involved (communal or casteist bias?)

Please send reactions to : EARTHQUAKE AFFECTED RELIEF & REHABILITATION SERVICES (EARRS) C/o. SXSSS, P O BOX 4088, Ahmedabad 380009 (Tel: 079- 7410764) Willy@vsnl.com or "Parveen" parveen@vwebsol.com