Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan
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FRIENDS OF BHUJ from Chennai group offers support
Source: EARRS Documentation February 20

We are a team of citizen's from Chennai co-ordinating the relief efforts under the banner of FRIENDS OF BHUJ. We have been working for over 20 days now to bridge the gap of communication between the actual requirements in Gujarat and the relief resources in Chennai and other places. Already our team of Doctors and Volunteers have visited Gujarat and have come back with lots of information.

We have been approached by various agencies in Chennai to undertake long term rehabilitation efforts in one focussed village or hamlet in Gujarat, and are confident that we can handle the same with our available resources. In this connection we would request your help in identifying hamlets habitat by less privileged stratas of society (economically very backward / deep in rural areas / socially considered backward) to whom we can direct our rehabilitation efforts.

If your organisation is already working on one such village or hamlet and would like us to support all the work there, we are willing to do so as resource people for that hamlet. Our commitment would be: 1. To provide all resource requirements including money, manpower and expert teams 2. To assess the extent of damage and monitor the relief efforts with the help of the locals 3. To provide enough support so that the village can re-build self-support systems over the next year or so 4. To continue to be there to facilitate this process for the next 11/2 to 2 years

We hope you would help us in this regard,
In solidarity
for Friends of bhuj
email: vyakul@eth.net