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Profile of team members - St. John's Medical College Gujarat Earthquake Relief Team Report (January-February 2001)
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  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation
  3. Field Activities
  4. Debriefing
  5. Identified Needs for the future
  6. Profile of team members
  7. Supplies
  8. Coordination with other groups
  9. Future Plans
  10. Thoughts
  11. Acknowledgements

The profiles of the St. John's Disaster Relief Team personnel are as follows:

1. Dr. Venkatesh, Professor Biochemistry and High Altitude Medicine Specialist with over twenty years of mountaineering experiences. Team Manager (To set up, protect and establish base camp, communications and a working environment)

2. Dr. Sanjiv Lewin, Associate Professor Pediatrics and Clinical Ethics and Convenor Disaster Relief and Training Cell with three-disaster relief team experiences of ten years experience. Bangalore Medical Team Coordinator (Team formation, orientation, kitting and motivation apart from field visits to assist in future decisions)

3. Dr. Anand Alladi, Assistant Professor Pediatric and General Surgery. With six years experience.

4. Dr. Sanjay, Assistant Professor, Anesthesia. With three years experience.

5. Nurse Sara Oomen, Senior Staff Orthopedic Nursing Specialist. With three years experience.

6. Dr. Olympio D'Souza, Lecturer, Emergency Medicine. With two years experience.

7. Dr. Gerald Vincent, Final year Pediatric Postgraduate. With two years general duty experience.

8. Dr. Sanjay Joseph, Lecturer, Orthopedics and Emergency Medicine. With four years of specialist experience.

9. Dr. John Marianand, Lecturer, Anesthesia, with three years of experience.

10. Dr. Bijay Agarwal, Final year, Surgery. With two years of surgical experience and two years general duty, including experience in Orissa Cyclone Relief.

11. Dr. George Clarence, Final Year Orthopedic Postgraduate. With two year general duty experience.

12. Dr. Sr. Annie, Senior House Officer, Emergency Medicine, with two years experience.

13. Dr. Arema Pereira, Junior Resident, General duty with a year experience.

14. Dr. Supriya Cardoza, Junior Resident, General duty with a years experience.

15. Mr. Ramchandra, Communication Expert and HAM operator. With over twenty five years experience.

16. Ms. Parveen Sikand, Friend of St. John's, Social Worker, Bangalore Logistics Coordinator.

The team was equipped to assist in handling patients with Orthopedic (Fractures, Trauma, sprains), Surgical (Blunt abdomen, Penetrating injuries, Chest injuries), General Medicine (Infections, critical care, stabilization, resuscitation), Gender issues (Obstetric and Gynecological problems), Pediatric (Child health, prevention and disease), Multi trauma, Procedures major and minor depending on ground realities, existing and incoming infrastructure to name a few.