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Aman Ekta Manch Appeal for financial support for legal aid to the victims of Gujarat carnage

Dear Friend, The genocide in Gujarat goes on unabated. The state machinery has become the agent of crime. The victims are not willing to go to the civil or police administration for redressal. Yet all the brutality, violence, murder and destruction need to be recorded and cases to be framed and fought. From the data collected so far over 100 cases can be presented and argued as blatantly violent crimes committed against the members of the minority community. Not only these cases would stand the test of judicial procedures but would also provide justice to the victims and would lead to the penalization of the perpetrators of crime. These 100 cases could be further sub-divided into 3 categories.

  • a. 20 major cases. By major cases what is meant is that they are gruesome in method and content where more than 50 people were massacred mercilessly. This also would include mass rape of women.

  • b. 10 large cases. These cases are equally gruesome in nature but where killing has been less than 50. Here individual rape cases will be included.

  • c. 70 minor cases. These cases include individual incidents.

  • d. Several more cases that we are fully aware need vigorous investigation. Paralegal aid is needed to pursue these cases. For example to investigate the gaps between the lists of dead and missing persons or cases of sexual violence in remote areas. Cases / PILs with regard to destruction of places of worship (eg. Masjids & Dargahs), cultural places (eg. Darga of Wali Gujarati), are to be prepared.

All these cases have to be prepared, presented and argued in the following manner:

  • a. About 5 full time lawyers are to be engaged to take care of the major cases. Thus each lawyer will have only 4 cases to see them through to their logical conclusion.

  • b. About 5 trial lawyers are to be engaged to deal with the cases on the day to day basis,

  • c. 20 para-legal experts are to be engaged to deal with all the cases, prepare the cases, present them to the lawyers, follow them up in the court etc.

  •  Budget 1. Preparation of 100 cases 100 pages per case @ Rs. 25/-

  •  2. Payment to 5 full time lawyers @ Rs. 10,000/- for 18 months Rs.9,00,000.00
     3. Payment to 5 trial lawyers @ Rs. 10,000/- for 12 months Rs. 6,00,000.00
     4. Payment to 20 paralegal aids @ Rs. 4,000/- for 12 months Rs.9,60,000.00
     5. Travel expenses of senior lawyers and para legal personnel Rs.3,00,000.00
     6. Research study about the cases to support the argument Rs.2, 50,000.00
     7. Capital cost like computer, stationary, photocopying, telephone etc. Rs.2,50,000.00
     8. Administrative and coordinating cost Rs.2,00, 000.00

  • Total Rs. 37,10,000.00 [Total estimated expense is approximately Rupees Thirty Seven Lakhs] This is only an estimate.

Legal activities will be coordinated in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai, since many groups are supporting this effort in different ways.

Information regarding cheques: All cheques should have the name and address of the sender, and the purpose (legal support in this case) at the back of the cheque. All donations are exempt from income tax under section 12 A & 80 G of the Income Tax Act. Cheques are to be made in the name of one of the following:

Samarthan Trust 25, (First Floor) Navjeevan Vihar New Delhi 110017 Phone : 011- 6561743/ 4625015 Email: Registration # S - 1399/92 Indian Bank SB AC # 23513

Foreign cheques are only to be sent to St. Xaviers Social Service Society (details given below) which is registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. St. Xaviers Social Service Society (SXSSS) P.O box 4088 Near Kamnath Mahadev Mandir Opposite to St. Xavier´s Loyola High School Memnagar, Navrangpura-380 009 Ahmedabad, Gujerat Phone: 079- 7911181 Email: SWIFT NUMBER SBININMBBA204 (State Bank of India,
Main Branch(0301), Bhadra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

The Legal aid cell of Aman Ekta Manch has also decided to collect financial support to take care of the Supreme Court cases in Delhi. Cheques for this purpose should be made out in the name of Samarthan Trust. Please indicate the purpose at the back. Of the cheque. Contact Persons: Prakash Louis -Delhi- Ph- 011- 4622379 /4625015 Email:

Flavia Agnes
-Mumbai- Ph- 022- 6180394 email :

Sheba George -Ahmedabad-
Ph 079- 6752239 / 9824093673 (Mobile)