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Aman Ekta Manch Appeal for Legal Funds

Appeal for funds (Legal Aid)

Read Most recent Appeal for Legal Aid Fund from Aman Ekta Manch Appeal for financial support for legal aid to the victims of Gujarat carnage

The ethnic cleansing in Gujarat goes on unabated. The state machinery has become the agent of crime. The victims are not willing to go to the civil or police adminstration for redressal. Yet all the brutatlity, violence, murder and destruction need to be recorded and cases to be framed and fought.

Types of Cases

FIR – Private Complaints and Other Criminal Cases – (500)
Civil Cases – for compensation – (10) cases of 4 categories like death, property
PIL – High Court cases (10), re. condition of the relief camps etc.
PIL in Supreme Court – CBI inquiry into crimes

Future cases:

Cases about Masjids, Mazaras, Dargahs etc.
Training programme – preparation of the barefoot lawyers to handle the case, preparing the people to fight the case etc.
Xeroxing of documents

All these cases demand financial support so that these cases can be fought and justice can be established. Please contribute and ask others to contribute in a big way for this purpose. Cheques, drafts and cash could be made in the name of:

Samarthan Trust
(Registration # S - 1399/92, Indian Bank SB AC # 23513, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029)

These could be left in the following institutions:
Indian Social Institute
Vidya Jyoti.

for People for Peace and Secularism

Prakash Louis
C/O Indian Social Institute, New Delhi