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home > Reports >'Maaro! Kaapo! Baalo!' State, Society, and Communalism in Gujarat, PUDR, May 2002
'Maaro! Kaapo! Baalo!'
State, Society, and Communalism in Gujarat
People's Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR)
May 2002

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Preface Preface
I. The Attack on the Sabarmati Express at Godhra: The Immediate Spark 5  
II. Attacks on Muslims: A Sample of Incidents 7  
III. What the Incidents tell us: Emerging Patterns 27  
IV. Role of the State 34  
V. Relief and Rehabilitation 39  
VI. Conclusion 48  

    1. Short accounts of incidents not included in Chapter II    page: 50
    2. List of accused   page: 55
    3. List of Dead (comparing official and unofficial figures)    page: 59
    4. A Running FIR    page: 61
    5. Socio-economic factsheet on Gujarat    page: 62
    6. RSS Ideology and Agenda in Gujarat    page: 63
    7. The Immediate National Context: preparations for temple
    construction at 'Ramjanmabhoomi'/Babri Masjid    page: 65
    8. A brief background to the rise of communalism in Gujarat    page: 66
    9. 1969 Riots in Ahmadabad    page: 67

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