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News : Archive (August 2003)
  • Gujarat: Modi flayed for cases against Nafisa
    UNI, August 31, 2003
    New Delhi, Aug 30. (UNI): Eminent film personalities Nandita Das and Mahesh Bhatt, along with other social activists, today condemned slapping of cases against social activist Nafisa Ali by the Narendra Modi Government in Gujarat, saying it was denial of the right to the freedom of expression.

  • Support thin, Modi herds students to yatra
    Himanshu Kaushik, The Indian Express, August 30, 2003
    Chief Minister Narendra Modi seems to have got more support in Geneva than back home. The ashes of Shyamji Krishna Verma have safely reached Gujarat, but the Veeranjali Yatra has been getting a lukewarm response. To get the numbers right, the state government and the District Education Officer held a meeting on Friday.

  • Modi’s Vibrant Gujarat misses many a beat
    Govt hypes investment fair but only a fifth of presentations will be ready
    Shaswati Ghosh, The Indian Express, August 29, 2003

    It is being touted as an investors’ El Dorado but Vibrant Gujarat, the investment fair of the Narendra Modi government to be held at the end of next month, may prove to be as elusive as the city in the old legend.

  • Legal wrangling mars riot hearings
    NDTV, August 29, 2003
    The Nanavati Commission, investigating last year's Gujarat riots, seems to be caught up in the politics being played out between the government's legal representative and lawyers associated with NGOs.

    Moreover, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists are keeping an eye on witnesses from Ahmedabad's Naroda Patiya deposing before the Nanavati Commission.

  • It’s the archaeology, stupid!
    Dilip K. Chakrabarti, The Hindustan Times, August 29, 2003
    Considering that only 15 per cent of all the archaeological excavations undertaken in India since Independence are properly published, the submission of a full report on any excavated site in the country should be a matter of great rejoicing among archaeologists.

  • VHP to launch reconversion drive in Kerala, August 28, 2003
    KOCHI: Encouraged by the overwhelming response to its reconversion drive in some North Indian States, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad is all set to attempt a similar movement in Kerala.

    'Dharma Prasar,' a VHP outfit which spearheaded the drive in selected states, will chalk out its Kerala strategies at its three-day national meet slated to begin here on August 29.

  • VHP tries to make inroads into Kerala
    Indo-Asian News Service, Thiruvananthapuram, August 28, 2003
    The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is seeking to make inroads into Kerala society with a three-day meeting in Kochi to prepare a blueprint on exactly how to go about it.

  • Naidu wants Modi to stay off Hyderabad
    Mohammed Shafeeq, IANS, August 28, 2003
    Hyderabad: The ruling Telugu Desam Party is seeking to dissuade Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi from visiting Hyderabad next month after reports said that his trip could anger Muslims and cause communal tension.

  • SIMI grew faster after Gujarat
    Business Standard Political Bureau in New Delhi, August 28, 2003
    If the facts are true, the banned Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) should be right up there among some of the top insurgent organisations of the world.

  • Nanavati panel meets Naroda Patiya victims
    NDTV Correspondent, August 27, 2003
    Amidst heavy security, victims and witnesses of Naroda Patiya, which witnessed one of the bloodiest chapters in communal violence in Gujarat, are deposing before the Nanavati-Shah commission today.

  • A flawed appeal in the High Court
    By V. Venkatesan, The Hindu, August 28, 2003
    The copy of the State Government's appeal petition filed in the High Court (Criminal Appeal No.956 of 2003 in The State of Gujarat Versus Rajubhai Dhamirbhai Bariya and Others; now available with The Hindu, reveals that the Government has listed 20 grounds to show why the order of acquittal should be set aside. However, it refrained from seeking a retrial of the case on the basis of further investigation.

  • Amnesty condemns blasts
    The Hindu, August 28, 2003
    New Delhi Aug. 27. Condemning the blasts in Mumbai, the Amnesty International (AI) today asked the Government to take all necessary steps to bring the culprits to justice.

  • BJP MLA was present among mob, says Gujarat riot victim
    Press Trust of India, Ahmedabad, August 27, 2003
    A minority community riot victim from Naroda Gaam on Wednesday alleged that several BJP leaders, including the local MLA, were present in the mob that went on a rampage in the locality, where eight persons were killed on February 28, in the aftermath of Godhra train carnage.

  • Woman students outraged at Gujarat University dress code
    IANS, August 27 2003
    AHMEDABAD: Gujarat University's move to enforce a conservative dress code for its women students has run into a solid wall of opposition with many comparing it to the Taliban.

  • ASI report raises more questions
    By Anjali Mody, The Hindu, August 27, 2003
    New Delhi AUG. 26. The report of the Archaeological Survey of India on its excavation at Ayodhya is unlikely to settle the academic debate, and will prolong the legal dispute on what lay beneath the disputed site. While proponents of the theory that a 12th Century Hindu temple preceded the Babri Masjid say that they have been vindicated, the opposing side is readying to question the basis of the ASI's claim.

  • ASI findings ultimate proof, parties spell out stand: RSS-VHP
    Deepika global,UNI, August, 26, 2003
    Boosted by the ASI findings of a 10th century temple at Ayodhya, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) today said it was the ''ultimate proof'' that the secularists wanted and time for the political parties to spell out their stand on the contentious issue.

  • Structural flaws
    The Hindustan Times, August 26, 2003
    The ‘discovery’ of an ancient ‘structure’ underneath the demolished Babri masjid by the Archaeological Survey of India has far more political overtones than historical or legal ones.

    Doubts have already been cast on the findings, not least because there was no hint of such a ‘structure’ in the earlier reports on the excavation although their accuracy may be questioned.

  • Gujarat on edge after Mumbai blasts
    Reuters, August 26, 2003
    AHMEDABAD: Gujarat was on a high alert on Tuesday as it prepared to receive the bodies of eight pilgrims who were killed in the twin blasts in Mumbai.

  • India blames religious tensions for Mumbai bombings Online, August 26, 2003
    The Indian authorities have linked Monday's bomb explosions in the commercial capital, Mumbai, to continuing religious tensions in the state of Gujarat.

  • VHP demands ban on madarsas
    Sify News, 26 August , 2003
    New Delhi: Charging the country's political leadership with failure and helplessness before the politics of appeasement, VHP demanded an immediate ban on madarsas and stern action against Islamic outfits engaged in terrorist activities.

  • ASI report evokes mixed response
    Sify News, 25 August, 2003
    Ayodhya: The ASI report that distinctive features of a 10th century temple beneath the Babri mosque site were found during the excavation carried out by it evoked a mixed response in the temple town.

    While the VHP welcomed the report, the main plaintiff in the Ayodhya case, Haji Hashim Ansari, said many Islamic relics too were found during the excavation.

  • Ayodhya excavation report says temple existed under mosque
    Sharat Pradhan (Indo-Asian News Service), August 25, 2003
    In a potentially conflict-ridden report submitted here, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has concluded that a Hindu temple existed under the debris of the razed Babri mosque in Ayodhya.

  • Interview: "No Point Making It An Election Issue"
    Outlook.India, Magazine, September 01, 2003
    The RSS is solidly behind the BJP decision not to rake up Ayodhya in the forthcoming assembly elections. Its spokesperson, Ram Madhav, explains to Outlook why it is important, at least for the time being, not to rekindle the issue.

  • Togadia talks of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood
    Press Trust of India, New Delhi, August 24
    It was altogether a new face of VHP leader Praveen Togadia when he talked about brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims.

    "We Hindus and Muslims are from same ethnic stock. We are racially same, our ancestors are the same," said Togadia in an interview to noted journalist Mark Tully for his 50-minute programme Hindu India for current affairs programme of BBC's Channel Four.

  • An interview with Praveen Togadia
    By: Vinay Krishna Rastogi, August 23, 2003
    Lucknow: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) General Secretary Dr Praveen Togadia says that the VHP would exhort Hindus nation-wide not to vote for those parties which are opposed to the Bill banning cow slaughter.

  • 'Gujarat riot relief cheque of Rs 100 a shame'
    PTI, August 23, 2003
    AHMEDABAD: When a woman on Friday displayed a cheque of Rs 100 she received as compensation for the damage to her house in the post-Godhra riots, so taken aback was the two-member probe panel that Justice (retd) K G Shah couldn't help remark: "Sharam aani chahiye lene wale ko aur dene wale ko (It should shame both who receive and award such compensation)."

  • The future beckons
    The Hindu Business Line, August 23, 2003
    If he can speak so cavalierly about a mini-holocaust in which thousands of people lost their lives, either something is wrong with him or with the times.

  • Move for fresh case against Modi put off
    By Hasan Suroor, The Hindu, August 22, 2003
    LONDON AUG. 21. After a controversial four-day visit, the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, left Britain today, even as plans by human rights activists to file a fresh case against him in connection with last year's communal violence in his State did not materialise.

  • 'Trishul Diksha' plan foiled
    By Special Correspondent, The Hindu, August 22, 2003
    LUCKNOW AUG. 21. The administration today foiled a Vishwa Hindu Parishad programme of `Trishul Diksha' in Bareilly district where the VHP leader, Pravinbhai Togadia, had been invited to address the participants.

  • UK mission fulfilled: Narendra Modi, August 21, 2003
    Returning from a visit to the UK and Switzerland marred by protests and bad press, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the trip was successful and that he was "fully satisfied."

    Describing Gujarat as a dynamo of growth, Modi said he was pleased with the meetings he had with a large cross-section of British and British-Asian businessmen, which allowed him to present the exciting potential and opportunities that the economic success of Gujarat offers.

  • Terrorists in saffron
    Hindutva is pseudo-Hinduism and derives inspiration from Hitler, Mussolini, writes Swami Agnivesh
    The Indian Express, August 19, 2003

    Hinduism, through which divine light first dawned on the Earth, is being poisoned to death. Wearing the mask of Ram bhakti, vested interests are misusing and exploiting Hindu religious sentiments. If this trend is allowed to continue it is doubtful if, a few years from now, Hinduism would be recognisable from other violent and vicious ideologies like fascism and colonialism.

  • Petition to arrest Modi in London rejected, 21 August, 2003
    London: Citing lack of direct evidence, a British court rejected a plea to arrest visiting Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi under international legislations against torture.

  • Modi projects corporate ethos of Gujarat
    The Hindustan Times, August 21, 2003
    Modi claimed the government has created such a positive environment in the state that it would force investors to come to the state and once they come they would be reluctant to leave.

  • Storm over move to ban cow killings
    By Praful Bidwai, Asia Times, August 19, 2003
    NEW DELHI - Faced with uncertain prospects in elections to five state legislatures due within three months, India's pro-Hindu coalition is bringing in a bill in the national parliament to ban the killing of cows and win the sympathies and votes of Hindus, but this is likely to stir a hornet's nest.

  • Case to be filed against Modi in London
    By Hasan Suroor, LONDON August 20, 2003
    A case seeking prosecution of the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, for alleged torture is expected to be filed in a London magistrate's court tomorrow on behalf of the relatives of two British citizens who were killed by a mob in last year's communal violence in the State.

  • "I made no distinction between minority and majority," Modi
    PTI, August 19, 2003
    Under attack by rights groups here for his handling of post-Godhra communal violence, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has said that he never made any distinction between majority Hindus and minority Muslims in his State.

  • British media flay Modi's London visit
    IANS, August 19, 2003
    LONDON: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was described on Monday as the "most controversial figure in modern Indian politics" with a section of the media questioning the British Government's decision to grant him a visa to visit this country.

  • Modi hits out at NGOs
    By Hasan Suroor, The Hindu, August 19, 2003
    LONDON AUG. 18. In a swipe at civil rights groups and NGOs, the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, has called them "five-star activists,'' who have "destroyed India''. He alleged that they received foreign funding, talked about poverty during the day and spent the evenings in five-star hotels.

  • Thank you, Mr Modi
    On Independence Day weekend we treasure this reminder of our fragile freedoms
    Editorial, The Indian Express, August 16, 2003

    There is perhaps a method in this madness after all. Maybe there is some enlightened reason why an FIR was filed against The Indian Express — along with actress Nafisa Ali and Divya Bhaskar — in Ahmedabad on August 15. Those with an eye for faint silver linings could argue that crude invasions by a state government on as basic a right as freedom of speech are only meant to highlight the import of our hard-won freedom 56 years ago. To the rest of us, this act by Narendra Modi’s administration smacks of unadulterated vindictiveness.

  • He is blamed for the death of 2,000 Muslims in India. So why is Narendra Modi in Wembley?
    Mark Oliver, and Luke Harding in New Delhi, The Guardian, August 18, 2003
    There was to be no Pinochet-style arrest for Narendra Modi. Instead, a man either responsible for mass-genocide or the saviour of India's Hindus - depending on your point of view - rolled into Wembley conference centre last night besieged by hundreds of Muslim protesters from as far afield as Bolton, Birmingham and Leicester. "Three thousand people dead! Modi murderer!" they chanted.

  • British group seeks Modi's arrest
    NPress Trust of India, London, August 18, 2003
    About 200 people demonstrated against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, holding him responsible for post-Godhra violence in Gujarat and demanding his arrest, as he addressed a gathering organised by Friends of Gujarat at Wembley Conference Centre in London.

    A group of 200 demonstrators representing South Asia Solidarity, Awaaz and Indian Muslim Council, carried placards and held a noisy demonstration outside the centre on Sunday night, demanding his arrest.

  • Future won't remember us for how many temples, mosques we built: Kalam's message
    NewIndPress, Friday August 15 2003
    Kalam's remarks will touch many a nerve in the Sangh Parivar for unlike previous occupants of Rashtrapati Bhawan, he was presented as the Parivar vision of the First Citizen. His association with India's nuclear programme, his image of a ``great nationalist, veena-playing Muslim,'' his close personal ties with Shankaracharyas_ all make this vision complete.

  • Modi's Europe tour to begin tomorrow
    UNI, Ahmedabad, Aug. 16, 2003
    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's six-day visit to Europe will begin tomorrow at the end of which he will return with urns containing the ashes of freedom fighter Shyamji Krishna Varma and his wife from Geneva.

  • Bihar warns VHP against trident distribution programme
    Indo-Asian News Service, Patna, August 14, 2003
    The Bihar government has again warned the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) not to distribute tridents when its leader Pravin Togadia visits the state.

    The Patna administration detained two local VHP leaders on Wednesday, signalling to the VHP that the group would not be allowed to disturb the communal peace at any cost.

  • Gujarat Industry Minister calls for American, NRI investment
    Manoj Mitta, By IndiaExpress Bureau, 13th Aug 2003
    Inviting Americans and NRIs to invest in Gujarat, the state's Minister for Industry and Mines Anilbhai Patel said the region is poised to take major strides in industrial, agricultural and infrastructure fields.

  • Modi's UK trip enthuses none
    Manoj Mitta, The Indian Express, August 12, 2003
    LONDON: Whisper it softly, but Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is soon to begin a potentially high-value, high-profile European roadshow to sell his state to overseas investors, even as the British government officially cold-shoulders him and Indian officials try and pretend he isn't coming at all.

  • Chief Minister linked to Gujarat massacres to visit UK
    Press Release, WLUML, August 12, 2003
    Modi's visit is ostensibly to attract British-based business to invest in Gujarat - there will be a 'global investors meeting' at the end of September in Ahmedabad. But a number of South Asian organisations in Britain point to the earlier massive misappropriation of funds collected for earthquake relief in Gujarat by the network of the Hindu right; they, as well as international human rights organisations, fear that Modi will also be using his current visit to gather support and funds from far-right Hindu organisations in Britain which will be used to promote further communal violence.

  • Gujarat experience explodes the myth of a strong and an independent Indian judiciary
    Vahida Nainar, Researcher/Consultant, International Law, Bombay, India, August 12, 2003
    The acquittal of alleged perpetrators for 'lack of evidence', in one such case of the Best Bakery in Baroda, firmly sealed off any expectations of justice from the state judiciary.

  • ‘Five-star activists out to malign State’
    Express News Service, Ahmedabad, August 10, 2003
    GUJARAT Chief Minister Narendra Modi has alleged that “five star activists” have become active to weaken the democratic set-up of the country. He has alleged that their activities are a threat to the national interest.

  • Law will target hostile witness, offers no relief to Zaheeras
    Manoj Mitta, The Indian Express, August 12, 2003
    While the Best Bakery case has highlighted the need to protect witnesses, the Union Cabinet today cleared a legislative proposal that seeks to punish ‘‘hostile’’ witnesses like Zaheera Sheikh and her mother.

  • Jnanpith winner Rajendra Shah justifies Gujarat riots, 11-August-2003
    AHMEDABAD: The latest recipient of the coveted Jnanpith award has come under fire from his colleagues in literary circles for justifying the mass killings in Gujarat last year.

    In an interview with a national weekly, Gujarati poet Rajendra Shah said he didn't feel sad for what had happened during last year's communal violence that killed at least 1,000 people.

  • Dalit killed for entering Hindu temple in India's Gujarat
    IRNA, August 11, 2003
    A 28-year old Dalit man died after being thrashed severely by upper caste Hindu residents for sitting in the veranda of a temple in Bhitasi village, Anand, in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

  • A system on trial
    The Best Bakery case highlights the need for new changes and use of old provisions
    Editorial, The Indian Express, August 11, 2003

    We are prima facie of the opinion that the criminal justice delivery system is not in sound health.” So said a three-judge Supreme Court bench headed by the chief justice on Friday, as it dealt with the NHRC’s special leave petition on the Best Bakery case. The acknowledgement of systemic culpability is immensely welcome. And it is enormously reassuring that the court has decided to seize this moment to search for a larger response to the erosion of the criminal justice system.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Balbir K Punj, August 10, 2003
    Two recent, but completely unrelated, court acquittals should be compared for the divergence of ‘secularist’ reactions towards them. In the Best Bakery case, a special fast-track court acquitted 21 accused — all Hindus — on June 27 in the absence of any credible evidence after 35 out of the 60 witnesses (including the key-witness, Zahruanissa Sheikh) had turned hostile. ‘Secularists’, most notably the National Human Rights Commission, were prompt to call it a “miscarriage of justice” and subsequently sought a retrial outside Gujarat.

  • 'Only Shows His Culpability'
    Joining issue with the Gujarat Chief Minister's missive, an open letter in response to the President APJ Abdul Kalam.
    by Najid Hussain, Outlook India, August 9, 2003

    The appeal from Mr. Modi to dig up the data on our past failures of controlling the communal riots in the country, in order to justify the present riots and related terrorism in Gujarat, only shows his culpability in the violence. It also shows his intentions and the pre-planning that has gone into staging that violence. Several lines of defense seem to have been meticulously prepared in advance of the riots. This line of defense is just a part of that planning.

  • Ministers join protest against NHRC
    Express News Service, Ahmedabad, August 8, 2003
    The line dividing the Government stand and the party stand blurred for ministers on Friday when they led dharnas against the NHRC’s petition in Supreme Court.

  • Best Bakery: SC position vindicates stand, says Modi
    PTI, August 8, 2003
    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today said the Supreme Court's position declining to shift the Best Bakery trial outside the state was vindicative of the state government's stand.

  • SC notice to Centre, Gujarat on NHRC plea
    By J. Venkatesan, The Hindu, August 9, 2003
    NEW DELHI Aug. 8. The Supreme Court today intervened in the `Best Bakery case' by issuing notice to the Centre and the Gujarat Government on a petition from the National Human Rights Commission seeking retrial of the case outside Gujarat.

  • Zahira moves SC for transfer of Best Bakery case
    PTI, August 8, 2003
    Zahira Habibullah Sheikh, a key witness in the Best Bakery case, today moved the Supreme Court seeking retrial of the case at any place outside Gujarat alleging that "crucial evidence was shut out through threats and intimidation" given on behalf of accused.

  • Court asks for Gujarat riot papers
    The BBC Online, August 8, 2003
    India's Supreme Court has asked for the records of a controversial riot case in the western state of Gujarat.

    It follows the acquittal in a lower court of 21 Hindu defendants accused of killing 12 Muslims during riots last year.

  • Letter to the President
    'Why Is There Such Focus On Gujarat?'

    By Narendra Modi, August 6, 2003
    'Group clashes occur at times and Gujarat is no exception,' says the Gujarat CM in his letter to President APJ Abdul Kalam, asking him to 'direct compilation of details of all major incidents of group clashes and communal riots in the country since Independence'

  • Gujarat Govt. appeals against Best Bakery case verdict
    By Manas Dasgupta, The Hindu, August 8, 2003
    GANDHINAGAR Aug. 7. The Gujarat Government has filed an appeal in the High Court against the controversial Vadodara fast track court judgment in the Best Bakery communal riot case in which all the 21 accused were acquitted for "want of evidences".

  • SC to hear NHRC plea for fresh trial in Bakery case on Friday
    Press Trust of India, August 7, 2003
    The Supreme Court will hear on Friday a petition filed by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) seeking fresh trial outside Gujarat in five riot cases, including the Best Bakery case in which 21 accused were acquitted by the trial court.

  • Leave me alone, says Ansari
    By Kalpana Sharma, The Hindu, August 8, 2003
    MUMBAI AUG. 7. The photograph of a terrified and tearful man, pleading with police to save him from a mob, became the defining image of the Gujarat carnage of last year. But today, the man behind the face, the 29-year-old Qutubuddin Ansari, pleads with the media to "let me live as an ordinary man".

  • 'Don't look at it as a Hindu Muslim problem'
    The Rediff Interview/Muslim Personal Law Board member Yusuf H Muchhala, Rediff, August 4, 2003
    In the second part of his interview with All India Muslim Personal Law Board member Yusuf H Muchhala tells Senior Associate Editor Archana Masih that if it was proved that a Ram temple was indeed demolished to build the Babri Masjid, the Muslims have no right to be there even for a moment.   (Part I of this interview: 'Why has the RSS become so nervous?', Published on August 01, 2003)

  • Down, but not Out!
    Someshwar Pandya still wants to tell the truth!

    The Rediff Special/Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi, August 06, 2003
    Justice A S Anand, former Chief Justice of India and National Human Rights Commission Chairman, does not need to look far to justify his request to the Supreme Court to transfer the hearing of communal riots cases out of Gujarat.

  • NHRC move: BJP to hold dharna
    By Special Correspondent, The Hindu, August 7, 2003
    AHMEDABAD AUG. 6. The BJP Government in Gujarat has decided to organise dharnas at all the district headquarters on Friday to protest the National Human Rights Commission's move to approach the Supreme Court in the Best Bakery case.

  • Carnage, what carnage?
    Editorial, The Hindustan Times, August 6, 2003
    The chief minister’s anguish is understandable. The National Human Rights Commission’s decision to approach the Supreme Court for a retrial of the Best Bakery case has refocused attention on the riots. The spotlight is once again not only on the inability of the police — willingly or otherwise — to control the riots, but also on the role of the usual suspects in threatening the survivors into silence about the arsonists and murderers.

  • Gujarat riot victim to be rehabilitated in Bengal
    The Hindu, August 7, 2003
    Kolkata Aug. 6. Qutubuddin Ansari, whose grief stricken face published in newspapers across the country came to symbolise the agony of the victims of Gujarat riots, will be rehabilitated in West Bengal this month.

  • What he doesn’t attach with letter
    ‘Best Bakery collapse exposes state govt’s hollow claims it will ensure justice’
    Manoj Mitta, The Indian Express, August 6, 2003

    New Delhi, August 5: The National Human Rights Commission has severely indicted Vadodara sessions judge H U Mahida for what it calls ‘‘miscarriage of justice’’ in the Best Bakery ‘‘farce.’’ It has also not spared the Modi government citing the principle that ‘‘those against whom allegations are made should not themselves be entrusted with the investigation.’’

  • Modi trying to upstage NHRC, buy time
    Ashish Mehta, Indo-Asian News Service, August 5, 2003
    The Gujarat government's reported move to appeal the Best Bakery judgement is a clever ploy to not only upstage the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) but also to buy time, say legal experts.

  • Bakery case: Modi to write to President
    By Special Correspondent, The Hindu, August 5, 2003
    GANDHINAGAR AUG. 4. The Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, wishes to write to the President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, requesting him to make public all the court rulings in connection with the communal riots in various States since Independence.

  • History sheeters
    Vinay Lal, The Hindustan Times, August 6, 2003
    ....Is the homogenisation of Hinduism, a project that the ‘liberators’ of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple are sworn to uphold, characteristic of the ‘medieval’ period, over a long duration of which India was swept by the Bhakti movement and renditions of the Ramayana appeared in the ‘vernacular’ Indian languages, or is it not rather a sign of the modern?

  • Mandela urged to snub Modi's invite
    Sify.Com, 04 August, 2003
    Ahmedabad: Rights groups Monday launched an e-mail campaign urging South Africa's former president Nelson Mandela to turn down an invitation to take part in Mahatma Gandhi's birthday celebrations in Gujarat.

  • HC rejects Godhra key conspirator Umarji's appeal
    Press Trust of India, August 2. 2003
    The Gujarat High Court on Saturday dismissed the special criminal appeal filed by Maulana Hussain Umarji, the prime conspirator of the Godhra train carnage, challenging the rejection of his bail by a special POTA court.

  • For the sake of justice
    Editorial, The Hindustan Times, August 2, 2003
    After the gross miscarriage of justice in the Best Bakery case, as noted by the National Human Rights Commission, the only option before it was to appeal to the Supreme Court for a retrial.

  • Gujarat riots hit secularism: Amartya Sen, August 01, 2003
    "It has made minorities' position uncertain. I would not take consolation if it is worse elsewhere," Sen said.

  • US report pans India's domestic unrest
    C R Jayachandran, Times News Network, August 01, 2003
    According to US Congressional report, released on Thursday, the US has serious reservations over key issues like "domestic unrest", New Delhi's role in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia and a potential US role in resolving the India-Pakistan dispute.

  • Gujarat Govt plans to move HC in Best Bakery case
    Namita Bhandare and Agencies, August 1, 2003
    Alarmed at the National Human Rights Commission’s (NHRC’s) decision to approach the Supreme Court, the Gujarat government is contemplating an appeal in the state high court. It plans to challenge the acquittal of all the accused in the Best Bakery case well within the statutory appeal period.

  • Justice, at last?
    Now that the NHRC has made its courageous move, the nation looks to the court
    Editorial, The Indian Express, August 1, 2003

    The NHRC’s activism is immensely reassuring. Of course, there are bound to be obstacles in the course it has so bravely set out on. Questions will be raised, substantive and procedural.

  • Mixed reaction to NHRC move
    By Manas Dasgupta, The Hindu, August 1, 2003
    GANDHINAGAR JULY 31. The Gujarat Government has declined to make any comment on the National Human Rights Commission's move to approach the Supreme Court for a re-trial of the Best Bakery case and for trying the Godhra carnage case and four other major cases outside the State.

  • Sangh gives NHRC its CEC treatment
    Express News Service, The Indian Express, August 1, 2003
    New Delhi & Ahmedabad, July 31: Just as it had done with the CEC during the polls, the Sangh Parivar slammed the NHRC today, accusing it of being biased and partisan.

  • More - Archive (July, 2003)